Why UP?

Does climbing stairs feel like climbing up a mountain?
Then the UP-stairlift will offer you a solution!

If your arms are too short to read the newspaper, you buy glasses. If you get walking issues, you buy a walking stick. And if you have trouble climbing the stairs? Then you need a stairlift. The UP stairlift from DeVi-Stairlifts has everything you’re looking for.

Traplift stoel

Your home, future-ready

With the UP stairlift you not only prepare your home for the future; the beautiful chair also fits seamlessly into your interior. It’s made form artificial leather and available in various colors. The UP stairlift is advanced in any way and can even be operated with an app!

Flexible and simple

To make getting on and off the chair more easily, the seat automatically turns towards you. If you’re well seated, the footrest will fold out automatically and the chair will rotate towards its starting position. Everything is controlled with a simple joystick.

Comforting thought

A stairlift is a machine and despite all our efforts it may occur that the UP stairlift will malfunction once. No stress, you can stay seated and push the intercom button. You’ll immediately get in contact with one of our staff members. We can then check your stairlift remotely and fix the problem!

You choose the color! We do the rest.

Our stairlifts can be installed without intervention of a consultant. The UP stairlift is standard equipped with functions as intercom, control application, an automatic footrest and rotating chair. Our modular rail makes it possible to directly fit the rail in to your home. Small adjustments can be made on site. Our technician will only leave when you’re satisfied!

We only leave when you are completely satisfied.

This also means leaving everything tidy and vacuumed.

Installed within 4 hours!

To build the stairlift, only pre-made rail sections are used. This ensures no matter how your stairs look like, the material used, is always in stock. The only remaining action is placement.

Corporate Responsibility

Our social responsibility is paramount in the development and production of the UP stairlift. The stairlift is produced in the Netherlands and our choice to use an aluminum rail provides enormous savings in energy and CO2 emission.

Award winning design

During the Dutch Design Week (2019) the UP stairlift received the GIO-recognition (Good Industrial design).As well as the functionality price.

Rent or buy

Unlike other stairlifts, our stairlift is fully reusable. The rail can be dismantled and be used on another stair. That is why you’re guaranteed with a high residual value, after buying and using the stairlift. Do you prefer a more flexible option? Then it’s also possible to rent the stairlift. If you don’t longer need it, then the stairlift will be dismantled free of charge.