Why others choose UP Stairlift

Bram Otjes

84 years

“The UP Stairlift is not only a comfortable way to get upstairs, it’s also much safer. But climbing stairs is healthy, isn’t it? Yes, that’s right, but playing football is too and I haven’t been doing that for years.”


82 years

Lives in a monumental building in the harbor. She would like to continue living there, but her legs get worse. She told her daughter about her issue and she helped her finding a stairlift. They ended up at UP stairlift. Ineke is still able to walk up the stairs and uses the UP stairlift just occasionally when she is tired or for transporting heavy items such as laundry. “I’m really happy with my stairlift: better to be safe than sorry,” she says.

Nelleke and Ernst

64 and 69 years

Nelleke and Ernst live in a monumental house in the center of Middelburg. Nelleke says: “My husband has little strength due to chemotherapy and especially climbing the stairs is very difficult for him. While he was in the hospital, the stairlift was installed. Our son helped us finding a suitable stairlift and ended up with the UP stairlift. On Friday he called and explained the situation. Next Tuesday the stairlift was installed. Wow, that went quickly!” “The stairlift is very pleasant. We have an anthracite-colored chair, which is perfect, it almost vanishes in our interior. I don’t use the stairlift myself, but there is still enough space left to walk up and down the stairs. This is due to the fact that the chair is not parked on the stairs, but in the hallway. I can also move it up or down with the remote controls without anyone sitting on it. It’s a very useful thing. “

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