Stop renting whenever you want!

The future is hard to predict. That is why we don’t use a minimum rental period; you can stop the rent at any time.


We don’t charge extra costs for measuring and assembling your stairlift. You pay a one-off amount in advance, which includes both the assembly and disassembly of the stairlift.

Affordable & aware

Because the stairlift is dismantled after rental, and all parts are reused, we minimize the burden on the environment.

After installation, we will show how easy the stairlift is to use.

A test ride is definitely part of this!

UP offers a possibility for both renting and buying a stairlift. Choose the option that suits your situation best and we will get in touch with you.

Transparency toward the customer is our priority. That is why we have an extensive web shop where all prices are included.

Visit our webshop and customize your ideal stairlift. If desired, the stairlift can be ordered immediately and we will make an appointment for the installation. Installment is possible within just 3 days.

The UP stairlift can be installed within one week! This is possible since the rail is made of modular curves. The straight rail sections are cut to size and the curved segments can be easily attached to each other. This is in contrast to other stairlift manufacturers. They first need to bend and weld the rail to size before they install it.

Because we have the rail segments in stock, we can deliver your stairlift in three working days.

Yes, that’s possible!

If you choose to rent the UP stairlift, you’ll be paying a starting fee and the monthly rent. This amount is based on the service contract that you choose. At UP, you’re not tied to a minimum rental period. You can cancel your rental contract whenever you want!

Of course! Please contact us to do so! We are more than happy to show you our showroom.

Yes! If purchased from a supplier, it will always be safe. However, don’t buy used stairlifts from private individuals. These are often rejected by the supplier because they are no longer of good quality.

No, We keep the ownership when you rent a stairlift. This applies to short and longer rental periods.

Renting UP stairlift

Suitable for a straight staircase
  • One-off payment
  • Measurement and instalment are included
  • Complete stairlift rails
  • Choice of four different seat colors
  • Automatic footrest included
  • Service maintenance included
  • No minimum rental period

Renting UP stairlift

Suitable for a staircase with one bend
  • One-off payment
  • Measurement and instalment are included​
  • Complete stairlift rails​
  • Choice of four different seat colors​
  • Automatic footrest included​
  • Service maintenance included​
  • No minimum rental period​

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