UP Stairlifts is expanding

To serve you even better and continue to meet the rising demand, UP Stairlifts is expanding with a new and larger production facility. This will make it possible to produce up to 5.000 stairlifts a year. The first stairlifts are rolling from the belt as we speak.
May 2020

Dutch Design Week

The UP stairlift has been awarded a GIO (Good Industrial Design) recognition and has thereby won the Excellence Functionality Award at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. In addition, the UP stairlift became second for the public award at Dutch Design Week 2019!
October 2019

Ready to change the market

Of course, our ambitions did not stop with an innovative rail. The UP stairlift also keeps us informed of its current status through WiFi. In this way you’re assured of trouble-free functionality and if there should be a problem, you can contact us with the intercom. After which we will find a solution quickly. Our stairlift are standard fitted with an automatically rotating seat, so you can always get on and off the seat safe and easy. Also, you no longer have to bend over to fold the footrest, after the armrests have been lowered, the footrest folds open automatically. DeVi-Stairlift B.V. sets the new standard in reusability and comfort with its UP stairlift.
January 2019

The UP stairlift

The UP stairlift changes this. The rail is made from aluminum instead of steel, which is a light and durable material. Unlike other modular stairlift concepts, which sometimes require 150 different elements, the rail of our UP stairlift consists of only 2 parts: straight profiles and our patented bend segments. The patented bend segments are easy to connect to each other and can thus form every conceivable bend. The straight profiles are easily cut to size and then provided with the required bend segments to give the desired shape to the rail. Because no bending, welding or coating is needed, our rail can also be easily adapted to new rail shapes, so that our stairlift can be relocated without intervention of production operations.
December 2018

The new generation of stairlifts

After more than 20 years of hatching on the ideal stairlift, in 2018 DeVi stairlifts B.V. launched the UP stairlift. Founder Dennis Vroegindeweij started in 1996 as a product developer at a leading Dutch stairlift manufacturer. He has now been active for 12 years with the DeVi-Comfort B.V, which develops mechatronic products for new and often revolutionary applications in industry and healthcare sectors. During this period Dennis has never lost his interest in stairlifts and now he comes up with a new perspective on stairlifts. The first stairlifts were built around 1930 in America and consisted of a steel rail with a chair attached to it. Now 90 years later, steel is still the most used material for stairlift rails. Unfortunately, the rail is the part that can hardly be reused. This is because all stairs differ slightly. In addition, the steel rail is an expensive and complex part of the stairlift. We found a solution!
December 1996
UP Traplift