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We work with certified UP-dealers all over the world. Check out the map to find an UP-dealer in your region and/or country. They will visit you as soon as possible for a consultation and they will also measure the stairs immediately. Based on your wishes, a final quotation will be drawn up and an appointment will be made for installation. If it is urgent, the stairlift can also be installed directly after measuring. 

We work with certified UP-dealers all over the world. Check out the map to find an UP-dealer in your region and/or country. You will receive a quotation based on your wishes. 

The UP Stairlift can be delivered the next day! Compared to other suppliers, it is not necessary to pre-assemble the stairlift before it can be installed. We have all the parts in stock. This allows us to measure and install your stairlift urgently, even the next day.  

Yes, that is possible! Unlike many other stairlift suppliers, we can also rent out stairlifts. This is not advantageous for many stairlift suppliers because of the rail that must be completely customised. The UP Stairlift has a modular rail that is easily repositionable. We work with UP-dealers all over the world, check out the map to find an UP-dealer in your region and/or country and discuss possibilities for renting an UP Stairlift.

This depends on the policy of your municipality in your country. You can submit information and/or an application to your municipality. It is possible that your municipality has concluded an exclusive contract with another supplier.

Of course! To test our UP Stairlift, you can always contact one of our UP-dealers to make an appointment.

If purchased from a supplier, it will always be safe. However, do not buy used stairlifts from private individuals. These are often rejected by the supplier because they are no longer of good quality and therefore no service and warranty is provided. 

On average, an hour is set aside for this. During this meeting, the possibilities of the UP Stairlift will be discussed in your home. The stairs are also measured immediately, so another appointment does not have to be made for just the measuring.

The UP Stairlift is installed and secured with screws.

The UP Stairlift fits any stair wider than 70 cm. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. We nearly always find a suitable solution.

It is possible to install a stairlift when a door is close to the stairs. The rail ends are kept as short as possible both at the top and bottom of the stairs. If there is not enough space at the bottom of the stairs, you can opt for a curved rail outlet. This is a steep rail run that ends just before the stairs. You can also opt for our folding rail if there is not enough space. The folding rail will automatically fold in after use, so the rail does not stand in front of a door as an obstacle. 

In collaboration with furniture designer Richmond, we have ensured a very comfortable stairlift with a luxurious design. The seat is made of artificial leather and is available in four different colors. You can choose the color that best fits your interior. 

The UP Stairlift is one of the quietest stairlifts. Your neighbours will hardly notice your usage.

To use an UP Stairlift it is important you can climb your stairs without bending.

Yes, our stairlift is suitable for multiple floors.

The parts of the stairlift are manufactured in-house as well as in Europe. The parts are then put together to a fully working stairlift at our workplace in Opmeer, The Netherlands.

Charging stations are located both at the top and bottom of the rail. When the stairlift is not in use, it is always located at a charging station at the top or bottom of the rail. This ensures the stairlift will never run out of electricity under normal use.

Maximum transportation weight is 125 Kg.

Never maintain your stairlift yourself! This can be dangerous and cause possible malfunctions. This will void your warranty. By choosing a maintenance contract we can check the condition of your stairlift remotely. In the case of a malfunction, most problems can be solved by telephone or via the intercom. If this is not the case, a technician will come by to solve the problem.

Clean the chair, backrest, armrests, side covers and footrest with a damp cloth. Avoid using water and detergent on the rail and moving parts.

Please contact the dealer that installed your UP Stairlift. If you have opted for a service contract, you can reach them using the intercom. The data of your stairlift will be checked for any deviations in the data of your stairlift. After the problem is identified, you will be helped as soon as possible to get your stairlift working properly again.

The advantage of our stairlift is that we can see remotely what is wrong with your stairlift. It is possible that it is a minor error that you or a relative can resolve, so no technician intervention is required.

This is no problem! With our app or available remote controls, you can move the stairlift back down. This problem can occur when several people use the stairlift. The available remote controls can also be attached to the wall with velcro.

Yes, that is possible! The stairlift can continue to the top floor in one go. A stop location can be installed on each floor.

We offer a 24-month warranty on the parts of the UP Stairlift. Please ask your UP-dealer for their warranty conditions. 

Our terms and conditions are described below. Please ask your UP-dealer for their specific terms and conditions. 

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Sure, it is! Unlike other stairlift suppliers, both the seat and rail are reusable. This is due to the modular rail design. That makes it possible to adapt your stairlift to the new stairs without having to construct a completely new rail.

Yes, because the stairlift is reusable, please check this possibility with your UP-dealer. You can also choose to have your stairlift moved with you. Only small adjustments are needed for this.

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