Dealer experiences

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Patric Wileczil, owner of Innolift, based in Austria. With a background in technical roles within the stairlift industry, Patric decided to establish his own venture, subsequently partnering with DeVi-Stairlifts to market our UP Stairlift in Austria. This strategic decision has proven beneficial. Patric’s sales performance has been consistently increasing on a month-to-month basis since the start of the partnership. One of his key selling points is the quick delivery time of the lift, outperforming competitors consistently. The lift’s modular design and aesthetic appeal are additional factors contributing to its popularity. Patric’s efficient business model involves prepping the lift in his workshop, thereby minimizing installation time at the client’s location. 

We take immense pride in associating with Patric and his company Innolift, and look forward to continued success, growth, and increased sales in the future.

Our business in Ireland is very much based on an attitude of “We can and we can do it professionally and quickly” and so to this end we realised that we would be better placed to suit our customer’s requirements by having a curved stairlift kit in stock. We investigated a number of curved stairlift kit suppliers including DeVi-Stairlifts. We were impressed by the speed of reply and the professionialism and manner in which this was done. Our research yielded very positive results in favour of the UP Stairlift and we were very comfortable with the way we were communicated with and treated by Andy van Leeuwen. We did a test run with 1 unit and it was successful – we have been a customer since!

The UP Stairlift is a good product that is constantly improving – this we like. We are kept up to date with all modifications that are being worked on and implemented, we feel part of the team and that is important to us. The sales and delivery process is very clever, although we have had one or 2 issues (our issues!) we have ALWAYS been given full support to make things easier – we appreciate this. Installation is straight forward although a little slower than fitting a full factory custom curved rail system but we are willing to sacrafice this because of the speed of delivery to our customers – days instead of weeks. Our customers really like this. In relation to the stairlift itself, our customers love them. We have not had 1 bad word said about any UP Stairlift installation to date.

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt – but not in our main catchment area :-)!

Never be afraid to contact DeVi-Stairlifts on any issue that you may have or think you may have. They are so helpful, they want it to work for you just as much as they want it to work for them.

For us it compares very well – we understand the lift and the company and we work within the expected guidelines, as do they – if they have an update, they let us know. If we have a suggestion, they listen and usually act on it. We both see each other as team players. You don’t get this with all stairlift manufacturers.

We are happy to help you!