Dealer experiences

We would like to introduce our Mexican partner, Gustavo Rojo Plá from Eco Elevadores. The company started of with selling not just a common lift, but a unique air-powered elevator, which is a highly innovative solution in the residential sector. In the pursuit of continued innovation, they sought to revolutionize the stairlift industry and discovered UP Stairlift.

The adoption of UP Stairlifts in the Mexican market has been significantly positive, with a consistent growth in orders. Eco Elevadores appreciates the open communication and continuous improvement efforts demonstrated by DeVi-Stairlifts. One distinct competitive edge is the expedited service offerings; UP Stairlifts can be stocked and therefore measured and installed on the same day, providing immediate assistance for urgent requirements. “This has been a significant advantage over our competitors in the stairlift industry,” Gustavo states.

“While the installation process of the UP Stairlift warrants enhancement, we have no concerns given the superior quality of the product. Our interactions with DeVi-Stairlifts have consistently yielded effective solutions, underscoring their commitment to continuous product improvement. It’s important to note that even excellent products, like the UP Stairlift, have room for refinement, which is an acceptable facet of product development.”

In regions such as Mexico and Latin America, safety is paramount. Despite the absence of stairlift regulations in Mexico and the lack of product certification, Eco Elevadores is able to provide a safe, quality solution with the UP Stairlift. This product stands distinguished in the market, being certified by the Lift Institute and ASME. The exceptional design of the UP Stairlift, coupled with the significant time advantage it offers, further underscores the value they can now deliver in the Mexican market.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Patric Wileczil, owner of Innolift, based in Austria. With a background in technical roles within the stairlift industry, Patric decided to establish his own venture, subsequently partnering with DeVi-Stairlifts to market our UP Stairlift in Austria. This strategic decision has proven beneficial. Patric’s sales performance has been consistently increasing on a month-to-month basis since the start of the partnership. One of his key selling points is the quick delivery time of the lift, outperforming competitors consistently. The lift’s modular design and aesthetic appeal are additional factors contributing to its popularity. Patric’s efficient business model involves prepping the lift in his workshop, thereby minimizing installation time at the client’s location. 

We take immense pride in associating with Patric and his company Innolift, and look forward to continued success, growth, and increased sales in the future.

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